Outsourced IT Services – Is it right for you?

Deciding on the IT future of your business is a big decision.  There’s no right or wrong whether you go with in-house or outsourced IT, but there is a big difference between the two.  We’ll talk about the pros and cons of both methods and you can decide for yourself which works best for you.

In-House IT Staff  

The first thing to consider when hiring in-house for your IT department is choosing the right candidates.  If you don’t have an IT Manager or CIO, you may find yourself scrambling to understand what you actually need.   The first step is to determine the job description of the employee.  Once you have the duties outlined, you’ll need to identify the requirements a person will need to perform those tasks.  Keep in mind that you’ll probably need to outsource the actual hiring process unless you fully understand IT and have the ability to interview at a high level otherwise you won’t know what to ask each candidate or know if they’re giving you proper answers to your questions.   After you’ve narrowed your search down, you’ll want to perform a background check on the candidates and verify their credentials.  It may also be a good idea to have a technical interview as well as a standard interview to see if your candidates can solve real world problems that have occurred in the past within your business.

Now that you have your future employee identified, you’ll need to pay a competitive salary otherwise you’ll have a quick turnover which is never ideal forIT managers.  These people have full access to all of your business technology including files, emails, software (sometimes HR and payroll) as well as many other personal files that may be stored on company equipment. You’ll want to keep that access to a minimum so having a new person accessing that every 18 months is never ideal.  If you’re a small company, you may have only one person that’s overseeing everything.  In this case, be careful to hire someone that you find enjoyable to be around because I can assure you, you will be spending a lot of time with this person in the future.

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