Accounting firms can't afford to do business the old way

Accounting firms face a number of obstacles to improving the bottom line and providing excellent customer service. Among them are the increasing number of regulations, a shrinking professional workforce, and an explosion in client-provided content and e-mail. In addition, distributed and mobile workforces make costs, compliance, and quality more difficult to manage. Once the engagement is complete, there is also the challenge of managing the long- term storage of client information while maintaining easy access to it.

Barden Tech Solutions for Accounting Firms give accounting professionals an easy, cost-effective way to manage, access, and share critical information. A centralized workspace, accessible from desktops, laptops, Web interfaces, and mobile devices, provides comprehensive document management capabilities and visibility into current engagements. An electronic client file provides a common work area and a unified view of all content pertaining to an engagement, including documents, e-mails, and scanned paper. In addition, clients can be granted secure encrypted access to their tax returns, financial statements, and reports over the Internet 24x7 through a client portal.

Accounting Technology

Easier to comply with regulations

A secure archive for content both during and after engagements makes it easier to comply with retention policies. Integration with work paper management and other accounting applications makes it easy for users to access and manage client content.


Easier to access content for tax and other practice areas

A work-in-progress repository for content during engagements, plus integration with Microsoft Office and tax applications, makes it easy for users to access and manage client content

Easier to drive archival and disposition policies

Policy-driven processes help you manage closed client engagements and older documents. Firms can migrate and keep older content available while maintaining security and activity audit trails. Firms set and execute retention policies for final content disposition or accession.

Easier to drive archival and disposition policies

Manages content in a consistent manner based on firm policies and best practices with firm-wide applications, including client portals, knowledge repositories, intranets, and workflow.

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