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Think about your Country Club, not your network

Country Clubs have very unique technology requirements that very few IT Companies are familiar with. We have been servicing this industry for over 20 years and can handle all of your needs.

Competition is increasing across markets and industries throughout the world. Today's most successful Country Clubs are constantly on the lookout for ways of boosting process efficiency and reducing costs. Information technology (IT) has a vital role to play.


Innovative IT solutions enable Country Clubs to ramp up efficiency and flexibility while lowering costs.

There are now made-to-measure systems for all key processes and Country Clubs – and the pace of technological progress shows no signs of slowing. Which is why you need a service provider that can help you exploit the power of innovative IT to the fullest.

Barden Tech is one of the Country Club's leading IT players. As a one-stop provider, we deliver everything you require: from customer relationship management (CRM) systems, to security solutions, to SAP applications, to Managed Desktop Services. And from infrastructure to outsourcing projects, you get a tailor-made answer to your Country Club needs, as well as maximum availability, and outstanding service. For instance, you can achieve new levels of flexibility with our Dynamic Computing platform. Part of our Dynamic Infrastructure Services concept, this is a prime example of how Barden Tech is setting the pace when it comes to virtualized resources.

With Barden Tech, you benefit from state-of-the-art networks and applications. We can show you how best to deploy IT systems – to gain, and retain, competitive edge.

Every guest if different. But none of them can do without top class Country Club facilities and excellent services. Barden Tech helps Country Clubs meet both of these requirements in the best possible way – and optimize their internal processes at the same time.

Golf Players today expect the same technological facilities at their Country Club as they enjoy in their own offices – and they get them. Barden Tech's modular Golf Course Solutions meet the expectations of even the most demanding guest or conference attendee, providing multimedia information, communications, entertainment and customized services.

And it's not just the guests who benefit – the Golf Course operators gain too. Our solution bundles and optimizes your internal processes in the spheres of guest rooms, conferencing and restaurants, from goods logistics through site managementcost-effective, tailored to meet your needs and future-proof for new generation of players.

Even good hospitality comes down to good technology

Barden Tech is the managing partner in the Country Club sector in all things relating to IT and communication technology. The more complex our services, the smaller your expenditure, leaving you free to give your clients exactly what they want.

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