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All IT environments have a computing lifecycle, and it is important to maintain upgrades and invest in new technology to ensure a competitive advantage in your industry. Outdated and unsupported systems and applications increase down time and decrease productivity of your personnel. Many companies delay crucial deployment upgrades for fear of more downtime or large upfront costs. Barden Tech's managed deployment solutions reduce the headaches and stress associated with any upgrade or refresh scenario.

Barden Tech provides on-going and project-based deployment solutions with speed and accuracy, no matter how large or small. After all, it’s not an upgrade to your existing IT environment if the deployment brings your business to a halt. Before we deploy any new solution, we provide a Technical Assessment administered by certified professionals to assess your IT environment through a discovery phase, logistics planning, resource planning, and finally – implementation


Barden Tech Deployment Options Include But Are Not Limited To:

Deployment Options

Sit back and let us deploy your IT services. We create a smooth transition from your existing computing environment to your new one.


Image Creation :

We create system images based on your computing standards...

Barden Tech creates a standard system image for you to simplify setup for new employees. Users are also pre-configured for networking and messaging based on their employee profile.

Data Migration: 

We seamlessly merge your existing data to your new systems...

Barden Techworks with you to ensure all critical data is exported from old systems and converted to the new systems to maximize productivity for your employees. Your employees have the peace of mind that they will have all of the needed files to do their job. If you are currently using Microsoft Exchange or another e-mail program, Barden Tech assists with the conversion to ensure no data is lost.

Asset Creation:

We properly manage your equipment assets...

The configuration is entered into our customer tracking system and an asset number is assigned to the system to ensure an accurate record of all your computing costs.



We deploy your system images in our labs...

Once the planning sessions and the procurement stages are complete, Barden Tech configures all the equipment and software according to your pre-defined needs. This includes network configuration, profile creation, and software setup.



We conduct a final round of testing...

Once your solution has been procured and configured, Barden Tech conducts testing to ensure compatibility among all systems. This ensures identification of problems before deployment to minimize disruption to your business.


On-site Installation: 

We come to you to set everything up...

Based on the availability of product, we define an implementation date with your management and technical personnel during the Procurement stages. After completing the configuration and testing, we have a team of technical personnel deploy your environment on-site. This is typically handled over a weekend or at a time that minimizes employee disruptions, during which time all data is migrated off the old environment.



We make sure you understand your new systems...

After the new systems are implemented, we will train your staff to make sure they receive all the benefits of your new solution. Training teaches users how to effectively use the features of Windows, messaging, and productivity applications. The training also helps customers understand the benefits of Barden Techand a standardized environment.

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