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When your network isn't working, neither is your staff

Whether you run a small fitness center or a 100,000+ square foot full service health club, we can manage your infrastructure and save you money. We have been working with Health Clubs throughout the United States for over 20 years now.

Now more than ever, Health Clubs rely on their computer networksE-mail, internet, accounting and other applications are the modern day infrastructure on which a Health Club runs.  Unfortunately, small and mid-size Health Clubs have traditionally put up with inferior Information Technology (IT) support compared to larger corporations.  While larger Health Clubs have enjoyed the benefits of economy of scale, small and mid-size Health Clubs have had to deal with highly compensated employees that are inadequately managed, or expensive hourly-based IT consultants with questionable response times.

We’re here to level the playing field.

Barden Tech has created an innovative IT managed service that enables Health Clubs to fully outsource the management of their network while they focus on their core business. We give small and midsize organizations access to enterprise-quality tools, technology, processes, and talented professionals for a reasonable fixed monthly fee.

When your Health Club Network isn't working, neither is your staff. If a handheld won't synch, a computer isn't functioning, or a printer cannot print—your workers want help now! They are tired of dealing with IT consultants who take hours—or even days—to focus on their problem. They don't want to talk to technicians who don't understand the underlying issue.

Unfortunately, Health Clubs have long since suffered with inadequate reactive support in this regard. That's why we give all our Health Club clients unlimited access to the Barden Tech Response Center (Help Desk) where the average response time is less than five minutes and you can always expect to reach a Barden Tech IT professional by phone in less than 15 minutes.

If you are concerned about personalized service, be assured that every Barden Tech technician you will talk to will be familiar with your network. Our clients have high expectations, which is why we average 9.5 (out of 10) in client satisfaction surveys.

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