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Barden Tech the only name you need to know for IT solutions & services.

In 1990, Barden Tech created an innovative and unique outsourced IT service. It enables small organizations to effectively outsource all aspects of IT management. The Barden Tech platform is a combination of tools, technology, systems, processes, and personnel that together make the most powerful IT outsourcing solution on the market.

Barden Tech uses remote tools to solve over 90% of end user and network problems without having to dispatch engineers. By eliminating travel delays and costs, Barden Tech has response times comparable to on-site help at a fraction of the cost.

When an organization becomes a Barden Tech client they instantly have access to enterprise-class tools and staff. Clients are assigned a Chief Information Officer to provide strategic guidance and oversight with everything related to IT. They are also assigned a Systems Administrator that can solve and prevent network related issues faster and more effectively then ever before. The customer's staff has instant access to the Barden Tech Response Center where resolution time on everyday desktop problems has been dramatically reduced.

With our outsourced IT service we are able to automate many of the customer's tedious network management tasks. This is a key principle of the service as automation is what allows for better consistency and enables our staff to concentrate on higher-level items. Our outsourced IT service was designed to create more reliable networks, while simultaneously reducing user and management frustrations by consistent pro-active prevention.

Barden Tech, has solved these and many other problems commonly associated with legacy outsourced IT solutions or using an internal IT staff. Small businesses should focus on what they do best and leave everything else to trusted experts that do it with better efficiency.

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