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IT Support Services

Barden Tech's desktop management services give you total peace of mind. Our full suite of IT support services allow you to truly focus on your business while we manage your computing environment. We will consult with you and assess your current computing IT infrastructure to determine what level of managed services work best for your business. Whether you need a full refresh of your desktop IT infrastructure so you can standardize for better scalability, or if you need specific desktop management services for your existing infrastructure, we've got you covered from the hardware down to 24x7 IT support.

Desktop Management Services

Desktop Management Services

Instant 24x7 Support

Most business owners will tell you one of their biggest frustrations is lack of productivity due to slow response times from an hourly-paid, IT support person. Businesses with internal IT support personnel are frustrated because their support staff spends too much time managing mundane, end-user IT support issues. With Barden Tech's 24/7 IT support services, the wait and hassles are over. We provide web-based, phone and on-site desktop management IT support when needed – so your key people can stay focused on their projects while we handle the day-to-day IT support inquiries.

Barden Tech's can resolve the majority of your end-user IT issues via a web-based Support Ticket. The Web-based IT support ticket will free up your time so you can continue working while a Barden Techs IT support technician fixes your computer issues remotely.

We Keep Your Critical Data Safe

Are you worried about the risks of viruses, spyware and malware? With 24x7 IT helpdesk monitoring and a subscription to our security suite, you will have virus protection services as a safeguard for your critical and confidential business files. We also deploy our backup software agent on each desktop on your network. Our desktop management service is performed automatically as a dual-redundancy backup process. This provides an excellent disaster recovery method in case of system failures. Keeping your critical systems safe and protected will preserve the integrity of your data and ensure all compliance standards are met in your computing environment.

Reduce Down Time

Do your employees get frustrated because their computers are constantly going down or not functioning properly? Are you tired of losing money due to unproductive computers that slow you down? Barden Tech's desktop management IT services make your computers as an asset rather than a road block. We implement standardized hardware and software IT infrastructure solutions that are tailored to your specific company needs. Our ongoing, pro-active computer monitoring services and real-time updates keep your computers clean and running efficiently. Barden Tech's IT support service technicians can often detect problems before the end-user even knows there is an issue!

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