Business CyberSecurity

Monitoring & Protection


Business CyberSecurity

Monitoring & Protection



Average number of days to identify a data breach and contain it.

$ 0

Average cost per record of personal information (PII) breached

0 %

Of all data breaches occurred due to compromised credentials

$ 0 m+

The average total cost of a business ransomware attack exceeded $4.6m in 2021.

*Source: IBM 2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report - Full Report Here


Get Barden Technology on your side, and let us help solve your data security issues.

Managed IT

Our Managed IT Services are designed to take control of your day to day technology needs. From setting up and managing your secure local networks to deploying and managing your growth in the cloud. We can create a budget friendly plan that allows you to focus on your business and without worrying about your systems. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Managed Security

Whether your have an in-house IT team or your rely on 3rd party managed IT service providers to handle your day to day needs, we can build a security stack to monitor your systems 24 hours a day to ensure you're protected against today's threats. Services include AV, EDR, MDR, DNS Filtering, Firewall Management, SPAM/Phishing protection, Zero Trust, and more.

Vulnerability Scanning

As a client of Barden Technology, you will be provided with Vulnerability Scanning on all your internal systems and public facing assets. Everyday, new vulnerabilities are found in common products and software. These vulnerabilities are used to gain access to your systems. Let us monitor your systems to help you keep your systems protected.

24x7 Monitoring

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24 Hour Monitoring

Hackers don't work 9-5 jobs. They attack when you're least expecting it. That's in the middle of the night, on weekends and holidays, or when you're on vacation. The typical attacker will be in your systems for months monitoring your habits, identifying your schedules, and wait until the perfect moment to start their attack. Don't get caught sleeping.

Staff Cyber Training

If you ask anyone in the Cybersecurity industry, they will tell you that your staff is your biggest vulnerability. Make sure they have the training to identify common risks they'll come across on a daily basis. Then, once trained, test their knowledge by sending phishing simulations and identify which employees need further training.

Compliance Management

Whether your reuire PCI, HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, or other compliance management to fulfill your contracts or just want to follow basic CIS guidelines for cybersecurity, we can identify your requirements and provide a custom plan to fit your budget. Don't risk getting audited and not being able to show recent assessments.

What is a Cyber Risk Assessment

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Monitor & Protect Only

$ 75.00 /Per Device
  • NextGen Cloud AntiVirus
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • EDR w/Aritificial Intelligence
  • Managed Detection & Response
  • 24x7 Security Operations Center
  • Basic SIEM
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Security+ Bundle

$ 135.00 /Per Device
  • Everything in Monitor & Protect
  • Compliance Planning
  • Annual Penetration Testing
  • Managed Backup Services
  • Managed Firewall
  • Microsoft Tenant Management
  • Full On-prem and Cloud SIEM

Managed Support w/Security Bundle

$ 165.00 /Per Device
  • Everything in Security+ Bundle
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • On-site Support as needed
  • Initial & Annual Security Assessments
  • Monthly Penetration Testing
  • Microsoft Business Premium License

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